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Interreligious Studies and Intercultural Theology

Nelly van Doorn-Harder, Wake Forest University, United States & VU University Amsterdam, Netherlands
Douglas Pratt, University of Waikato, New Zealand & University of Bern, Switzerland

Managing Editor
Henry Jansen, Independent Scholar, Netherlands

Book Review Editors
Anne Hege Grung, University of Oslo, Norway
Jon Paul Sydnor, Emmanuel College, United States

ESTIS 2017 Conference Program
The program for Religion & Politics in the Crisis of Engagement:Towards the Relevance of Intercultural Theologies and Interreligious Studies, April 26-29, 2017 is now available. The conference will take place in Muenster / Germany. Click here for more details.

Interreligious Studies and Intercultural Theology (ISIT) is a peer-reviewed journal providing a forum for scholars to share ideas and research on a wide range of topics to do with interreligious questions and issues impacting contemporary pluralist society, and to foster a deeper understanding of theoretical and practical matters concerning interreligious relations. The journal aims at stimulating and promoting the various relevant conversations taking place in different parts of the world.

ISIT is committed to an interdisciplinary approach that includes, but is not limited to, interreligious studies, religious studies, (cultural) anthropology, theology, intercultural and comparative theology, Islamic studies, Buddhist studies, Hindu studies, secularism studies, and the engagement between secularism and religions; philosophy, Jewish studies, sociology, political science, gender studies, and various specific dialogue or interreligious encounter fields.  It is also concerned with the encounter between religious traditions and worldviews.

ISIT welcomes all contributions that promote a deep and critical understanding of the systematic and practical issues concerning interreligious relations. It allows discussion of the various questions that arise in the modern situation of a pluralist culture and provides a forum for academic discussion and comparative study of religious beliefs and philosophies of life, of the different moralities involved, and the possibilities of agreement as well as the causes of disagreement. The journal publishes articles by adherents of various religious traditions.

ISIT is published in print and online, with an initial print frequency of 2 issues per volume. The online edition contains supplemental content not appearing in the print version, including interviews, book excerpts, blogs, and profiles of key thinkers in the field.

ISIT is associated closely with the (European) Society for Intercultural Theology and Interreligious Studies. This society, with an international membership, organizes conferences biennially, and members will automatically become subscribers to this journal. Readers who are interested in joining the Society may email the managing editor at the following address:


Publication and Frequency
Two issues per volume year beginning May 2017 (May and Nov.)
ISSN  2397-3471 (Print)
ISSN  2397-348X (Online)


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Vol 1, No 2 (2017)

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Table of Contents


Editor’s Foreword PDF
Douglas Pratt 163


Ritualizing Interreligious Encounters: Mapping the Field of Interrituality PDF
Marianne Moyaert 164-186
Interformation: The Ethics of Interreligious Ritual Participation PDF
Jon Paul Sydnor 187-205
The Limits and Possibilities of Sharing Christian Worship in an Interreligious Educational Setting PDF
Jennifer Peace 206-223
On the Margins of Ritual and Experience PDF
Adam Seligman 224-241
On Whether Christians Should Participate in Buddhist Practice: A Critical Autobiographical Reflection PDF
James Farwell 242-256
Interrituality as a New Approach for Studying Interreligious Relations and Ritual Dynamics at Shared Pilgrimage Sites in Hatay, Turkey PDF
Jens Kreinath 257-284
Religious Heterogamy in Xiamen: The Social and Ritual Boundaries of Chinese Protestantism PDF
Bram Colijn 287-305

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