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CALICO Journal Vol 7 No. 1 (1989) Interactive Video: What the Students Say View
Catherine Watts
Gender and Language Vol 13 No. 2 (2019) Special Issue: Constituting and responding to domestic and sexual violence ‘Well, I saw the picture’: semiotic ideologies and the unsettling of normative conceptions of female sexuality in the Steubenville rape trial View
Susan Ehrlich
Journal of Islamic Archaeology Vol 6 No. 1 (2019) Bedouin “Settlement” in the Tell el-Hesi Region in the Late Islamic to British Mandate Period View
Benjamin A. Saidel, Jeffrey A. Blakely
Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology Vol 9 No. 1 (1996) June 1996 The Manufacture of Cockle Shell Beads at Early Neolithic Franchthi Cave, Greece: A Case of Craft Specialization? View
Michele A. Miller
Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology Vol 12 No. 1 (1999) June 1999 Eteocypriot Myth and Amathusian Reality View
Thierry Petit
Equinox eBooks Publishing Ecology of Early Settlement in Northern Europe 15. An Early Holocene Bearded Seal from the Trondheim Fjord: Environmental and Archaeological Implications View
Jorgen Rosvold, Heidi Breivik
Equinox eBooks Publishing Assessment Across Online Language Education 8. Innovative Implementation of a Web-Based Rating System for Individualizing Online English Speaking Instruction View
Hyejin Yang, Elena Cotos
Equinox eBooks Publishing Exploring the Holy Land 1. George Grove and the Establishment of the Palestine Exploration Fund View
David Jacobson
Equinox eBooks Publishing Capitalizing Jerusalem Jerusalem as Capital: Mu’awiya’s State Administration View
Beatrice St. Laurent, Isam Awwad
Equinox eBooks Publishing Transitions, Urbanism, and Collapse in the Bronze Age 3. MB II-LB I Transition in North Inner Syria: A Difficult Horizon View
Frances Pinnock
Health and Social Care Chaplaincy Vol 6 No. 1 (2003) Scottish Journal of Healthcare Chaplaincy Vol 6 (1) 2003 Spiritual Care in NHSScotland, Scottish Association of Chaplains in Healthcare View
Derek Brown
Donna Mydlarski, Dana Paramskas
Journal of Islamic Archaeology Vol 3 No. 2 (2016) The Sphero-conical vessel: Name, object and usage Note on a Use of Sphero-conical Vessels in Mamluk Era Damascus View
Elodie Vigouroux
CALICO Journal Vol 1 No. 1 (1983) Foreign Language Instructional Technology: The State Of The Art View
Constance E. Putnam
Religious Studies and Theology Vol 34 No. 2 (2015) Reconsidering Limited Representations of Islam and Muslims: Guidance through Métissage and Learning from Lived Experiences View
Zahra Kasamali
Implicit Religion Vol 10 No. 3 (2007) Review Article: Religiously and More Colorfully Gothic, Too (Review of Gothic Perspectives On The American Experience, by Gregory G. Pepetone.) View
Stephen M Johnson
Religious Studies and Theology Vol 27 No. 1 (2008) RST 27.1 Rise and Fall of the Christian Democrats’ Movement in Poland after 1989 View
Kazimerz Z Sowa
Perfect Beat Vol 3 No. 4 (1998) DOMESTIC EXOTICISM A recent trend in Japanese popular music View
Bulletin for the Study of Religion Vol 41 No. 3 (2012) Current Trends in the Study of Early Christian Martyrdom View
Candida R Moss
Perfect Beat Vol 4 No. 3 (1999) FLYING SAUCER ROCK AND ROLL The Australian press confronts early rock and roll View
Buddhist Studies Review Vol 24 No. 2 (2007) The Dhāraṇīs of Mahāvyutpatti #748: Origin and Formation View
Ulrich Pagel
CALICO Journal Vol 28 No. 2 (2011) Potential of Automated Writing Evaluation Feedback View
Elena Cotos
Equinox eBooks Publishing Ludomusicology Analyzing Game Musical Immersion: The ALI Model View
Isabella van Elferen
Equinox eBooks Publishing Corpora and Meaning An Introduction to Corpora and Meaning View
Steven Jones
Equinox eBooks Publishing Corpora and Meaning Issues of Data and Methodology View
Steven Jones
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