Buddhist Studies Review, Vol 24, No 1 (2007)

A Comparison of the Pāli and Chinese Versions of the Vangīsa-thera Samyutta, a Collection of Early Buddhist Discourses on the Venerable Vangīsa

Choong, Mun-Keat
Issued Date: 1 Sep 2007


This article first briefly examines the textual structure of the Vangīsathera Samyutta of the Pāli Samyutta-nikāya in conjunction with two other versions preserved in Chinese translation in Taishō vol. 2, nos. 99 and 100. Then it compares the main teachings contained in the three versions. These three versions of this collection on the subject of the venerable Vangīsa represent three different early Buddhist schools within the Sthavira branch. This comparative study of these three different versions focuses on three major topics: (i) Arhants at the pravārana ceremony; (ii) sensual desire and the way to extinguish it; and (iii) the Buddha’s teachings to Vangīsa. It reveals similarities and significant differences in structure and doctrinal content, thus advancing the historical/critical study of early Buddhist doctrine in this area.

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DOI: 10.1558/bsrv.v24i1.35


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