CALICO Journal, Vol 11, No 2 (1993)

ATLAS: An Adaptive Model for Measuring Language Proficiency

Nancy Schonenberg, Ilse Van Achter, Ann Van Walle, Kurt Van Deun, Wilfried Decoo, Jozef Colpaert
Issued Date: 7 Aug 2014


By order of the Civil Service Commission of Belgium, Didascalia, a research group at the University of Antwerp, has developed an adaptive system for evaluating second language proficiency. Therefore we have investigated to what extent language proficiency can be measured by computer. We created an adaptive model based on the following two principles. First we ranged the test items on a difficulty scale, using the ponderation and calibration of their distinctive features. Secondly, the test places the examinees on a proficiency scale. Therefore we developed a model based on probability and information theory. The first module of the ATLAS test is currently in use and assesses Approximately 15,000 civil servants for selection and promotion yearly.

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DOI: 10.1558/cj.v11i2.45-50


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