CALICO Journal, Vol 1, No 1 (1983)

A Report Of A Project Illustrating The Feasibility Of Video/Computer Interface For Use In ESL

Vance Stevens
Issued Date: 7 Aug 2014


This report describes a project whose purpose was to write a brief demonstration lesson in listening comprehension and then deliver that lesson using and Apple II+ computer interfaced with a Sony SL-323 Betamax video cassette recorder (VCR) using a Gentech ETS-2000 controller. The listening comprehension lesson and hardware configuration were demonstrated as part of the Rap Session on The Latest Developments in Video ESL/EFL Materials at the TESOL Convention in Honolulu, May, 1982. The report is in three parts: (1) a brief survey of video tape vs. videodisc technology, (2) a rationale for the use of interactive video in ESL, and (3) a description of the project itself. It is intended in this report to provide some background in computer interfaced video and then to give insights into some difficulties that may be encountered by computer-naïve ESL instructors wishing to prepare interactive video lessons.
There are many who believe that computers will soon alter on a major scale ways that people will be able to learn. However, existing educational and media design systems may be inadequate in dealing with the demands of technologically enhanced education. Therefore, new approaches to lesson design will have to be considered. It is believed that interactive video, insofar as it is highly compatible with recent theories of learning, will be able to play a dominant role in these new approaches. However, there are technical limitations on video tape equipment which, fortunately, have been largely overcome with the development of videodisc systems. Thus, although the present project deals with video tape, both systems are compared and discussed in this article.

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DOI: 10.1558/cj.v1i1.27-31


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