CALICO Journal, Vol 29, No 3 (2012)

Task-based oral computer-mediated communication and L2 vocabulary acquisition

I Yanguas
Issued Date: 7 Aug 2014


The present study adds to the computer-mediated communication (CMC) literature by exploring oral learner-to-learner interaction using Skype, a free and widely used Internet software program. In particular, this task-based study has a two-fold goal: On the one hand, it explores possible differences between two modes of oral CMC (audio and video) and traditional face-to-face (FTF) interaction in terms of L2 vocabulary development. On the other, this study investigates participants’ perceptions regarding these computer-mediated modes of communication. A within groups pretest–posttest–delayed posttest design was employed in this study in which a total of fifty-eight third semester college students of Spanish participated. Twenty-nine conversational dyads were assigned to one of three different groups: Face-to-face, videoCMC, and audioCMC. Repeated measures ANOVA analyses were conducted on the scores of the final pool of participants (N=47) in production, recognition, and aural comprehension tests to investigate possible differences. Furthermore, descriptive analyses were carried out of participants’ answers to a debriefing questionnaire that tapped into their perceptions toward these CMC modes. Results showed no significant differences among the groups for production or written recognition measures. All participants, however, were able to retain their recognition ability (but not their production ability) after two weeks. Finally, a significant difference was found among the groups in aural comprehension measures: the audioCMC group outperformed both groups. Regarding participants’ attitudes toward the CMC modes used in this study, they had general positive attitudes that could be exploited in the L2 classroom.

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DOI: 10.11139/cj.29.3.507-531


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