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Vol 18, No 2 (2001)

Table of Contents


Fifty Years of Classical Computing: A Progress Report PDF
Rob Latousek 211-222
Sunoikisis: Computer-Mediated Communication in the Creation of a Virtual Department PDF
Kenneth Scott Morell 223-233
Learning Latin by Electronic Media: Edging into the Future PDF
Bob Lister , Tony Smith 235-248
The VRoma Project: Community And Context For Latin Teaching and Learning PDF
Barbara F. McManus 249-268
Tools for Students in the Perseus Digital Library PDF
Anne Mahoney 269-282
A Return to Interactivity: The Third Wave in Educational Uses of Information Technology PDF
William Magrath 283-294
Roles for Technology in Collaborative Teaching PDF
Susan Bonvallet , Judith de Luce 295-303
How Do You Say "MOO" in Latin? Assessing Student Learning and Motivation in Beginning Latin PDF
John Gruber-Miller , Cindy Benton 305-338
Monitoring Student Behavior in Computerized Latin Exercises PDF
John Sarkissian 339-355
The Perseus Project: Eight Latin Lesson Plans PDF
Steve Prince 357-374
An On-Line Program for Intermediate Level Latin Readings PDF
Ann Raia 375-391
Ancient Greek with Thrasymachus: A Web Site for Learning Ancient Greek PDF
Alison Barker 393-400
Technology in the Classroom: Teaching the Process of Editing PDF
Stephen A. Dall 401-403

Software Reviews

Talk Now! Learn Catalan PDF
Donna M. Rogers 406-413
Talk Now! Funda isi-Zulu Learn Zulu Talk Now! Funda isiXhosa-Learn Xhosa PDF
Sandra Sanneh 414-421
EuroTalk Interactive 'World Talk'- TURKISH PDF
Erika Gilson 422-437
Hedy M. McGarrell 438-448
Real Reading in English for Business and Management PDF
Mingyuan Zhang , Xiaoping Li 449-461
Italian Encounters PDF
Francesco Scordato 462-471
Critical Review of TransIt-Tiger (English-French and Authoring Shell) PDF
Paul Robberecht 472-489

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