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Vol 2, No 1 (1995)

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Table of Contents


Naive auditory identification and discrimination of similar voices by familiar listeners PDF
Phil Rose , Sally Duncan 1-17
A new jitter-algorithm to quantify hoarseness: an exploratory study PDF
Isolde Wagner 18-27
Spectrography of disputed speech samples by peripheral human hearing modelling PDF
David M. Howard , Allen Hirson , Tim Brookes , Andrew M. Tyrrell 28-38
Language in legal contexts: The 'why' question PDF
John Gibbons 39-41
Orientations in lawyer-client interviews PDF
Yon Maley , Christopher N. Candlin , Jonathan Crichton , Pieter Koster 42-55
The language of the suffrage debates in the South Australian Parliament, 1885-94 PDF
Lynda Penny , Sanchia Fitzhardinge , Helge Materne 56-64
The use of interpreters in court PDF
John Carroll 65-73
The language of threats PDF
Kate Storey 74-80

Case Reports

Bringing linguistics into judicial decisionmaking: semantic analysis submitted to the US Supreme Court PDF
Jeffrey P. Kaplan , Georgia M. Green , Clark D. Cunningham , Judith N. Levi 81-98

Review Articles

Gerald R., McMenamin (1993) Forensic Stylistics, Amsterdam: Elsevier. 268 pp. [Previously published as part of the 1993 subscription to the journal Forensic Science International, Volume 58], ISBN 0 444 815449. PDF
Dionysis Goutsos 99-113

Book Reviews

Gerald R. McMenamin (1994) Forensic Stylistics: A Workbook, published by the author, Department of Linguistics, California State University, Fresno. 84 pp. A4. PDF
Charles Owen 115-120
John Baldwin and Peter French (1990) Forensic Phonetics, London: Pinter. viii +1 41 pp. ISBN 0 86187 786 1. PDF
Martin Duckworth 121-125
Cambridge Research Laboratories (1993) Police Communication and Language and the Channel Tunnel: A Report, Cambridge: Police Speak Publications. ISBN 1 898211 00 0. PDF
Isabelle Barriere 125-126
K. Laster and V. Taylor (1994) Interpreters and the Legal System, Sydney: The Federation Press. xviii + 283 pp. ISBN 1 86287 130 2 PDF
Michael Cooke 126-132
L. Robinson ( 1994) Handbook for Legal Interpreters, Sydney: The Law Book Company. xv + 170 pp. ISBN 04 55 212252. PDF
Michael Cooke 132-133

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