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Vol 6, No 2-3 (2003)

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Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
Edward Bailey 69


Implicit Religion Highlights Religion in Childhood PDF
James Gollnick 70-85
A Framework for the Study of Implicit Religion: The Psychological Theory of Implicit Religiosity
Tatjana Schnell 86-104
Cult Figures within Academia: The Case of Max Weber
Vasilios N. Makrides , Eleni Sotiriu 105-132
An Investigation into the Impact of Religion on Health among Iranian Community Residents in the UK
Fery Ghazi , Kay Caldwell , Leila Collins , Elizabeth Workman 133-145
Is Implicit Religion Spirituality in Disguise?
James Gollnick 146-160
Staying Away: What Keeps Rural Churches Empty?
Leslie Francis , Keith Littler 161-169

Book Reviews

Review of God Save the Queen: The Spiritual Dimension of Monarchy by Ian Bradley
William H. Swatos, Jr. 170-171
Review of Religion as a Chain of Memory by Daniele Hervieu-Leger and Religion in Modern Europe: A Memory Mutates by Grace Davie
Meerten Ter Borg 171-172
Review of Transforming Visions: Managing Values in Schools -- A Case Study by Ruth Deakin Crick
Clive Erricker 173-174
Review of Health Care and Implicit Religion by Roger Grainger
William H. Swatos, Jr. 174-176
Review of Organizing God's Work: Challenges for Churches and Synagogues by Margaret Harris
Greg Smith 176-177
Review of Aspects in Contexts -- Studies in the History of Psychology of Religion edited by Jacob Belzen
David Hay 177-180
Review of The Myth of the American Superhero by John S. Lawrence and R. Jewett
John Badertscher 180-183
Review of Sex and Love in the Home by David Matzko McCarthy
Elizabeth Hand 183-184
Review of Spreading Misandry: The Teaching of Contempt for Men in Popular Culture by Paul Nathanson and Katherine K. Young
Jenny Webb 184-186
Review of Secularization by Edward Norman
David Scott 186-188
Review of A Season with Verona by Tim Parks
Michael Grimshaw 188-189
Review of The Salt of the Earth: Religious Resilience in a Secular Age by Martyn Percy
Grace Davie 189-191
Review of Boredom and the Religious Imagination by Michael L. Raposa
Roger Grainger 191-192

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