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Journal of Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice


Srikant Sarangi
Aalborg University, Denmark
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norway
University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Cardiff University, UK

About the Journal

The Journal of Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice was launched in 2004 (under the title Journal of Applied Linguistics) with the aim of advancing research and practice in applied linguistics as a principled and interdisciplinary endeavour. From Volume 7, the journal adopted the new title to reflect the continuation, expansion and re-specification of the field of applied linguistics as originally conceived. Moving away from a primary focus on research into language teaching/learning and second language acquisition, the education profession will remain a key site but one among many, with an active engagement of the journal moving to sites from a variety of other professional domains such as law, healthcare, counselling, journalism, business interpreting and translating, where applied linguists have major contributions to make. Accordingly, under the new title, the journal will reflexively foreground applied linguistics as professional practice. As before, each volume will contain a selection of special features such as editorials, specialist conversations, debates and dialogues on specific methodological themes, review articles, research notes and targeted special issues addressing key themes.

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The Society is aimed at strengthening and sustaining an interdisciplinary and interprofessional network of researchers, educators, professionals. Its objective is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and the promotion of the study of communicationoriented research and development at the interface of Applied Linguistics (including language /discourse /multimodality /communication oriented studies) and professional practice in fields as diverse as healthcare, social care, law, education, business, media and journalism, translation and interpreting.

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JALPP 15.1

Table of Contents

Interactive and ideological dimensions of receptive multilingualism in Luxembourg workplaces
Anne Franziskus and Julia de Bres

EFL teachers’ beliefs about professionalism and professional development: A case study from Oman
Sawsan Al-Bakri and Salah Troudi

Teaching practicum and the development of professional and pedagogical knowledge
Minerva Rosas, Verónica Ormeño and Cristian Ruiz-Aguilar

Stability and hybridity in refugee legal advice meetings: Discursive structure as a resource for lawyer - client intercultural communication
Judith T. Reynolds

Educational doctoring: How general practitioners elaborate diagnoses with anatomy explanations
Søren Beck Nielsen

JALPP 14.2-3: Special Issue: Inscribed Objects in Professional Practices

Table of Contents

Inscribed objects in professional practices: An introduction
Dennis Day and Kristian Mortensen

Respecifying the information sheet: An interactional resource for decision - making in optician shops
Brian L. Due

Doing notes – coordinating collaborative ideas development using inscribed objects
Spencer Hazel

Sticking to the rules: Post - its and members’ competence in a Lean meeting activity
Jeanette Landgrebe and Rainar Rye Marstrand

Inscribed objects as resources for achieving progressivity in lesson planning talk
Tim Greer and Chris Leyland

Using written information to answer questions in rehabilitation after traumatic brain injury
Magnus G. T. Hamann

Coordinated note - taking? Making (individual) notes in a social environment
Catherine E. Brouwer and Kristian Mortensen

The concept sketch as a space: Professional practices in a design workshop
Dennis Day

Inscribed objects and professional practices : A postscript
Lindsay Prior

JALPP 14.1

Table of Contents

Corpus-based empirical approach to professionalism: Identifying interactional roles and dispositions in professional codes of ethics
Kenneth Kong, Phoenix Lam and Winnie Cheng

'If it's not written down it didn't happen': Contemporary social work as a writing intensive profession
Theresa Lillis, Maria Leedham and Alison Twiner

Evidentiality and identity positioning in online disputes about language use in Hong Kong
Jamie McKeown and Hans J. Ladegaard

Mediating identities: Sign language interpreter perceptions on trust and representation
Jemina Napier, Robert Skinner, Alys Young and Rosemary Oram  

Candlin Award
Bridging the gap between learning and evaluation: Lessons learnt from multilingual pupils
Fauve De Backer



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Open Access Virtual Issue is Now Available to Download

The editors are pleased to announce that the first open access virtual issue of JALPP, “Doctorial Research at the Interface of Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice”(V1, 2013), is now available to access here.

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Vol 13, No 1-3 (2016): Special Volume on Researching and Impacting Professional Practice: In Memory of Chris Candlin

Open Access Open Access  Restricted Access Subscription Access
Guest Editors: Srikant Sarangi and Malcolm Coulthard

Table of Contents


Editorial: Researching and impacting professional practice PDF
Srikant Sarangi , Malcolm Coulthard 1-10


Assessing institutional empathy in medical settings PDF - OPEN ACCESS
Sarah Atkins , Celia Roberts 11-33
Managing up: Is upwards feedback too great a challenge for leadership? PDF
Janet Brady 34-55
Patient-centredness in advice delivered during audiology consultations PDF
Louise Collingridge , Elizabeth Bassett 56-77
Collaboration between applied linguists and professional experts: An interdisciplinary perspective PDF
Maurizio Gotti 78-96
Conversation words in art and design practice: A corpus-based ethnography PDF
Darryl Hocking 97-121
Managing transitions through discourse at work PDF
Janet Holmes , Meredith Marra , Keely Kidner 122-144
Ethical positionings in the self-reflective accounts of professional accountants PDF
Alan Jones , Samantha Sin 145-166
Mediated self-care and the question of agency PDF
Rodney H. Jones 167-188
Cross-disciplinary collaboration in research on a specific-purpose language test in the healthcare setting PDF
Tim McNamara , Cathie Elder , Eleanor Flynn , Ute Knoch , Elizabth Manias , Robyn Woodward-Kron , Sharon Yahalom 189-210
The syllabus and the casualty ward: A 1974 study of ‘Doctor–Patient Communication Skills’ PDF
Greg Myers 211-232
Walking a fine line – The legal system and sign language interpreters: Roles and responsibilities PDF
Jemina Napier , Karin Banna 233-253
Clinical communication training for the general practice of medicine – A case for including discourse analytical findings from real-world practice PDF
Catherine O'Grady 254-275
‘Apparently the chap is a bit of a rogue’: Upgrading risk in non-emergency telephone calls to the police PDF
Frances Rock 276-301
The death of scientific evidence in Canadian policymaking: Controversy and collective resistance to perceived government ‘anti-science’ PDF
Graham Smart 302-320
Contraceptive advertising – A critical multimodal analysis PDF
Theo van Leeuwen , Deborah J. Bateson , Bern Le Hunte , Alexandra Barratt , Kirsten I. Black , Marguerite Kelly , Kumiyo Inoue , Alison Rutherford , Mary Stewart , Juliet Richters 321-342
‘Timeless places’ – Narratives about flight, exile and belonging PDF
Ruth Wodak 343-367

Special Features

Introduction PDF
Srikant Sarangi 368-370
The Candlin Lecture Communicative expertise: The mutation of expertise and expert systems in contemporary professional practice PDF
Srikant Sarangi 371-392
The Candlin Researcher Award: Balancing journalists’ and scientists’ professional practices: Producing an infotainment show about food and nutrition in the age of healthism and soft news PDF
Jana Declercq 393-416
Interview: Intended and unintended influences in the shaping of (inter)disciplinary practice: A conversation between Aaron Cicourel and Srikant Sarangi PDF
Aaron Cicourel , Srikant Sarangi 417-434
Endpiece: Extending ‘presencing’ in the context of enhancing patient wellbeing in nursing care PDF
Sally Candlin , Christopher N. Candlin 435-451

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