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Vol 1, No 1 (2014)

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Table of Contents


Editors’ Introduction: Journal of Cognitive Historiography PDF HTML
Esther Eidinow , Luther H. Martin 5-9
Introduction to the Issue PDF HTML
Luther Martin 10-13


The Asklepios Cult: Where Brains, Minds, and Bodies Interact With the World, Creating New Realities PDF HTML
Olympia Panagiotidou 14-23
Pythiai and Inspired Divination in the Delphic Oracle: Can Cognitive Sciences Provide Us with an Access to “Dead Minds”? PDF HTML
Aleš Chalupa 24-51
Data from Dead Minds? Dream and Healing in the Isis / Sarapis Cult During the Graeco-Roman Age PDF HTML
Panayotis Pachis 52-71
Dead Religion, Live Minds: Memory and Recall of the Mithraic Bull-Slaying Scene PDF HTML
Alison B. Griffith 72-89
“Star-Talk”: A Gateway to Mind in the Ancient World PDF HTML
Roger Beck 90-97
Memory and Early Monastic Literary Practices: A Cognitive Perspective PDF HTML
Hugo Lundhaug 98-120
Toward a Second Wave of Consilience in the Cognitive Scientific Study of Religion PDF HTML
Edward Slingerland 121-130

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