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Book Review Symposium: Jennifer Larson’s ‘Understanding Greek Religion’, 2016

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Back in Business PDF
Leonardo Ambasciano , Nickolas P. Roubekas 5-9

Book Review Symposium: Jennifer Larson's 'Understanding Greek Religion' (2016)

Strangers in a Strange Land No More: Introducing the Book Review Symposium Section and Jennifer Larson’s Understanding Greek Religion (2016) PDF
Leonardo Ambasciano , Panayotis Pachis 10-23
Cognitive Approaches to Greek Religion: New Insights into Long-lasting Questions PDF
Olympia Panagiotidou 24-29
Cognitive Science of Religion as a Challenge to Prevailing Models of Greek Religion? PDF
Thomas Harrison 30-35
On Thinking and Feeling in Greek Religion PDF
Yulia Ustinova 36-41
Should We Define Our Categories? On Jennifer Larson’s Understanding Greek Religion PDF
Nickolas P. Roubekas 42-46
Greek Gods and Cognitive Sciences: About Jennifer Larson’s Understanding Greek Religion PDF
Vinciane Pirenne-Delforge 47-52
A Response: Does a Cognitive Approach Challenge Prevailing Models of Greek Religion? PDF
Jennifer Larson 53-59


Enduring Shame as Costly Signalling: The Case of Public Confession of Sin According to Tertullian PDF
Rikard Roitto 60-78
Same, Same, But Different? A Cognitive Analysis of an Early Christian Apotropaic Amulet PDF
Nils Hallvard Korsvoll 79-99

Book Reviews

Olympia Panagiotidou with Roger Beck, The Roman Mithras Cult: A Cognitive Approach PDF
Hugh Bowden 100-102
Nickolas P. Roubekas, An Ancient Theory of Religion: Euhemerism from Antiquity to the Present PDF
Juraj Franek 103-106
William E. Paden, New Patterns for Comparative Religion: Passages to an Evolutionary Perspective PDF
Jeppe Sinding Jensen 107-110
Camille Wingo, Pictures Making Beliefs: A Cognitive Technological Model for Ritual Efficacy PDF
Gabriel Levy 111-113
Fabrizio Panebianco and Emanuele Serrelli, eds, Understanding Cultural Traits: A Multidisciplinary Perspective on Cultural Diversity PDF
Luke J. Matthews 114-117
Amar Annus, The Overturned Boat: Intertextuality of the Adapa Myth and Exorcist Literature PDF
Peter Westh 118-122


Erratum PDF
Leonardo Ambasciano 123

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