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Call for papers for a special issue on Religion & Gender

Topics welcome concerning the underrepresentation of women in CSR scholarship (in CSR books and keynote lectures despite existing seminal papers) may include both methodological issues that might be at play in the lab or the field and the identity of women CSR scholars as religion researchers, amongst others. Possible substantive topics regarding gender in CSR research may include explanations of differences in religiosity, spirituality, and frequency of religious practices between men and women; the representation of women in religious literature, including sacred and founding texts, and its previous and current interpretations (i.e. at the same time honoured, magnified and protected but also feared, kept at a distance, marginalized, excluded; portrayed as incomplete and subordinate, marginal); the gender of deities, and the type of deities; gender-specific religious practices, focusing on (previously ignored) women’s traditions in particular; female religious authorities (priests, shamans, witches); religion as a source of liberation or repression for women; religion and the emancipation of women and other political movements; religion as the instrument for inegalitarian or egalitarian groups and societies; women’s position and roles in religious communities; how religious understandings of the individual and of the family, of women and of women’s bodies, have fundamentally shaped the language and culture of women’s lives and cultures, societies, and laws; how religion ‘deals with’ women-specific issues, such as pregnancy, childbirth, and miscarriage (and to some extent, fertility, child-rearing, and sexual assault); phylogenetic approaches: the emergence of ‘regulation’ of women/women’s sexuality through religion (farming, domestication) to regulate reproduction/offspring. Please send inquiries to the editors:

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