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5.1 (2017/2019) online early

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Absorption, Mentalizing, and Mysticism: Sensing the Presence of the Divine PDF - ONLINE EARLY
Thomas J. Coleman III , James E. Bartlett , Jenny M. Holcombe , Andrew Atkinson , Sally B. Swanson , Christopher F. Silver , Ralph W. Hood
Tell Me a Story: Religion, Imagination, and Narrative Involvement PDF - ONLINE EARLY
Jessica E. Black , Molly Oberstein-Allen , Jennifer L. Barnes
Some, But Not All, Children Believe in Miracles PDF - ONLINE EARLY
Paul L. Harris , Kathleen H. Corriveau
A Room of One’s Own: Autistic Imagination as a Stage for Parasocial Interaction and Social Learning PDF - ONLINE EARLY
Ingela Visuri
The Cognitive Science of Imagination and Religion PDF - ONLINE EARLY
Valerie van Mulukom

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