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Ovsepyan, Mari, University of Oxford


Pacyna, Tony, University of Zurich
Porubanova-Norquist, Michaela, LEVYNA Laboratory for the Experimental Research of Religion
PurzyckI, Benjamin Grant, University of British Columbia
Pyysiäinen, Ilkka, Helsinki University
Pyysiainen, Ilkka Eljas, Helsinki University


Roitto, Rikard, Stockholm School of Theology


Schjoedt, Uffe, Aarhus University
Shaver, John H., Laboratory for the Experimental Research of Religion. Masaryk University
Shaw, Daniel Joel, Social and Behavioural Neuroscience Research Group, CEITEC - Central European Institute of Technology, Masaryk University
Sibley, Chris G., University of Auckland
Silver, Christopher F., University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Sinding Jensen, Jeppe, Aarhus University
Sosis, Richard, University of Connecticut
Swanson, Sally B., University of Maine
Sørensen, Jesper, Aarhus University
Sørensen, Jesper, Institute of Culture and Society, the Religion, Cognition and Culture Research Unit (RCC), and Interacting Minds Centre (IMC) and Aarhus University


Talbot, Elizabeth, Macquarie University
Talmont-Kaminski, Konrad, University of Bialystok
Turner, Jonathan H., University of California, Berkeley
Turner, Jonathan H., University of California


Upal, M. Afzal, Mercyhurst University
Uro, Risto, University of Helsinki


van Elk, Michiel, University of Amsterdam, Department of Psychology
Van Eyghen, Hans, VU Amsterdam

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