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Vol 1 (2014)

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Table of Contents


The Emergence of Glacial Archaeology PDF
E. James Dixon , Martin Eugene Callanan , Albert Hafner , P. G. Hare 1-9


Wild Reindeer and Saami Hunting with Bow and Arrow PDF
Yngve Ryd 11-24
Bronze Age Arrows from Norwegian Alpine Snow Patches PDF
Martin Eugene Callanan 25-49
Archaeological Excavation and Artefact Conservation at the Heroic-era Expedition Bases, Ross Island, Antarctica. PDF
Lucy-Anne Skinner 51-77
Overview of the Inca Frozen Mummies From Mount Lullaillaco (Argentina) PDF
Constanza Ceruti 79-97
An Overview of Selected GIS Methods Available for Use in Glacial Archaeology PDF
Stephanie R Rogers 99-115
Pollen Analysis of Caribou Dung from Ice Patches in Southwest Yukon: Ancient Caribou Ecology and Implications for Precontact Human Land-Use PDF
Vandy E. Bowyer 117-139

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