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Vol 4, No 2 (2018)

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Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
Liz Henty , Fabio Silva 159-162

Research Articles

Cochasquí (Ecuador): An Andean Agricultural Calendrical Centre Oriented Towards the Heliacal Setting of the Southern Cross PDF
Renzo S. Duin 163-175
Solstice Alignments at Angkor Wat and Nearby Temples: Connecting to the Cycles of Time PDF
William F. Romain 176-200
Solar Nadirs in Pre-Contact Hawaiian Cultural Astronomy PDF
Martha H. Noyes 201-228
The Monumental Basin of Mont Beuvray and its Possible Orientation towards the Constellation of Gemini PDF
Claude Maumené 229-245

Online Supplement

Supplementary Material for “Solstice Alignments at Angkor Wat and Nearby Temples: Connecting to the Cycles of Time” PDF
William F. Romain S1-S17


“Pathways to the Cosmos – The Alignment of Megalithic Tombs in Ireland and Atlantic Europe”. Dublin Castle, Ireland, 15th September, 2018 PDF
Liz Henty 246-251

Book Reviews

Timothy R. Pauketat, An Archaeology of the Cosmos: Rethinking Agency and Religion in Ancient America PDF
Andrew M. Munro 252-256
Brian E. Penprase, The Power of the Stars (Second Edition) PDF
Liz Henty 257-261
George Nash and Andrew Townsend eds, Decoding Neolithic Atlantic & Mediterranean Island Ritual PDF
Tore Lomsdalen 262-267


Forthcoming Conferences PDF
Liz Henty , Fabio Silva 269
Recently Published and Forthcoming Books PDF
Liz Henty , Fabio Silva 270-271
Software Update: Horizon v0.12a PDF
Andrew Smith 272-273

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