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Vol 4, No 2 (2017)

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Table of Contents


Editors’ Introduction PDF HTML
Simone Krüger Bridge , Sarah Baker , Raphaël Nowak 137-140

Music and Subalternity in Argentina and Brazil

Introduction to the Special Issue: Music and Subalternity through the Popular and Periphery, or How to Use Popular Music for Several Debates at the same Time PDF PDF
Pablo Alabarces , Felipe Trotta 142-151
Haters beyond the Hate: Stigma and Prejudice against Funk Carioca on YouTube PDF HTML
Simone Pereira de Sá , Simone Evangelista Cunha 152-170
“Argentina is cumbia”: Sociocultural Trajectories of Young “Cumbieros” in Urban Peripheries PDF HTML
Malvina Silba 171-190
Brazilian Soul and Argentinian Jazz: Style, Consumption and Racialized Identities in Argentina and Brazil PDF HTML
Berenice Corti , Luciana Xavier de Oliveira 191-208
Relentless Denial: Female Homosexuality in Tango PDF HTML
Mercedes Liska 209-225
Questionable Tastes: Women, Love Songs and Gender Subalternity PDF HTML
Carolina Spataro 226-244
“Tomorrow never knows”: The Influence of the Beatles’ Music in Brazil PDF HTML
Gustavo Alonso 245-263

Disciplinary Perspectives on Popular Music

The Moral of the Story: Making Ethnomusicology Matter in the Twenty-first Century PDF HTML
Michael B. Bakan 265-279
Some Notes on Popular Music in my (Professional) Life PDF HTML
Bruno Nettl 280-289
Pop-Rock as Musical Cosmopolitanism PDF HTML
Motti Regev 290-300

Popular Music and National Identity

Book Review: Rebecca M. Bodenheimer Geographies of Cubanidad: Place, Race and Musical Performance in Contemporary Cuba PDF HTML
Iván Darias Alfonso 301-303
Book Review: Irene Morra Britishness, Popular Music, and National Identity: The Making of Modern Britain PDF HTML
Nabeel Zuberi 304-308
Book Review: Jonathyne Briggs Sounds French: Globalisation, Cultural Communities, and Pop Music, 1958–1980 PDF HTML
Ben Green 309-314
Book Review: Uroš Čvoro Turbo-Folk Music and Cultural Representations of National Identity in Former Yugoslavia PDF HTML
Dijana Jelača 315-318
Book Review: Dafni Tragaki, ed. Empire of Song: Europe and Nation in the Eurovision Song Contest and Karen Fricker and Milija Gluhovic, eds. Performing the “New” Europe: Identities, Feelings and Politics in the Eurovision Song Contest PDF HTML
Peter Mills 319-323

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