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Vol 5, No 1 (2018)

Hip Hop Activism and Representational Politics

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Table of Contents


Editors' Introduction HTML PDF
Simone Krüger Bridge , Nicholas Tochka , Raphaël Nowak 5-8

Introduction to Special Issue

“It’s Bigger than Hip Hop” HTML PDF
Adam Haupt , Quentin E. Williams , H. Samy Alim 9-14


South African Dialogue HTML PDF
Warrick Moses 15-30
Multilingual Activism in South African Hip Hop PDF
Quentin E. Williams 31-49
Hip Hop Activism: Dynamic Tension between the Global and Local in Mozambique HTML PDF
Manuel Armando Guissemo 50-70
Towards a Hip Hop Pedagogy of Discomfort HTML PDF
Darren Chetty , Patrick Turner 71-87
The “Schizophrenic Nation”: Ethics of Critique in Morocco’s Post-Arab Spring Popular Music HTML PDF
Kendra Salois 88-107
“Slavery’s Consequences Still Affect Us”: Sister Souljah’s No Disrespect, Black Women’s Literary Traditions and Contemporary Hip Hop Activism HTML PDF
Sina A. Nitzsche 108-121


Book Review: Sarah Baker, Andy Bennett and Jodie Taylor (eds). 2013. Redefining Mainstream Popular Music HTML PDF
Marcus O'Dair 122-124
Book Review: Derek Pardue, Cape Verde, Let’s Go: Creole Rappers and Citizenship in Portugal HTML PDF
Colin Harte 125-126
Book Review: Elijah Wald, 'Talking ‘bout your mama' HTML PDF
Lee Watkins 127-130
DVD Review: Benj Binks, Discovering the Roots of Hip Hop in the Heart of Asia HTML PDF
James Cox 131-133
Radio Review: Arnaud Contreras, “L’Air rebelle” (The Air of Rebellion) HTML PDF
John Mullen 134-138

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