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Vol 28, No 2 (2011)

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Vakkali’s Suicide in the Chinese Āgamas PDF
Bhikkhu Analayo 155-170
Compassion in the Lotus Sutra and Benevolent Love in the Analects: A Reflection from the Confucian Perspective PDF
Xinzhong Yao , Qun Dong 171-186
Is the Buddhist Doctrine of Non-Self Conceptually Coherent? PDF
Paul Bernier 187-202
Reforming the Priests of Manipe: Reflections on the “Buddhist Modernist Monk” in Euro-America PDF
Laura Harrington 203-232
Buddhism in Crisis? Institutional Decline in Modern Japan PDF
Ian Reader 233-263


Book Review: Buddhavacana: A Pali Reader by Glenn Wallis. Onalaska: Pariyatti Press, 2010. 341 pp., US$21.95, ISBN 9781928706854 PDF
Tomoyuki Kono 254-266
Book Review: Korean Buddhist Nuns and Laywomen: Hidden Histories, Enduring Vitality, edited by Eun-Su Cho. State University of New York Press, 2011. 210 pp., £50.00 ISBN-13: 9781438435114. PDF
James Davison 267-269

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