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Vol 29, No 1 (2012)

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Table of Contents


Introduction to the Papers on Jātakas and Related Stories PDF
Naomi Appleton 1-3


The Multi-life Stories of Gautama Buddha and Vardhamana Mahavira PDF
Naomi Appleton 5-16
Explicating the Buddha’s Final Illness in the Context of his Other Ailments: the Making and Unmaking of some Jātaka Tales PDF
John S. Strong 17-33
Not for the Achievement of a Sāvaka or Paccekabuddha: The Motive behind the Bodhisatta’s Self-sacrifice in the Paññāsa-Jātaka PDF
Toshiya Unebe 35-55
Reshaping the Jātaka Stories: from Jātakas to Avadānas and Praṇidhānas in Paintings at Kucha and Turfan PDF
Tianshu Zhu 57-83
The Employment and Significance of the Sadāprarudita’s Jātaka/Avādana Story in Different Buddhist Traditions PDF
Changtzu Shi 85-104
Sleeping Next to My Coffin: Representations of the Body in Theravada Buddhism PDF
Elizabeth J. Harris 105-120
Epistemological Parallels between the Nikāyas and the Upaniṣads PDF
Stephen A. Evans 121-137


Civilisation et femmes célibataires dans le Bouddhisme en Asie du Sud et du Sud-Est: ‘Une étude de genre’, by Steven Collins. Les Conférences de l’École Pratique des Hautes Études, Paris, Les Éditions du Cerf, 2011. 133 pp, £11.66, ISBN-13: 9782204095839 PDF
Pascale Engelmajer 139-141
Tibet: A History by Sam van Schaik. Yale University Press, 2011. 336 pp., 24 b&w illus, Hb. $35.00/£25.00, ISBN-13: 9780300154047 PDF
Jill Sudbury 142-144
Meditations of a Buddhist Skeptic: a Manifesto for the Mind Sciences and Contemplative Practice, by Alan Wallace. Columbia University Press, 2012. 304 pp., Hb. $27.95 / £18.95, ISBN-13: 9780231158343. PDF
Walter Arader 145-149

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