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Vol 29, No 2 (2012)

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Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
Peter Harvey 151


Dabba’s Self-cremation in the Saṃyukta-āgama PDF
Bhikkhu Analayo 153–174
‘I’ without ‘I am’: On the Presence of Subjectivity in Early Buddhism, in the Light of Transcendental Phenomenology PDF
Khristos Nizamis 175–250
What is Behind Yinshun’s Re-statement of the Nature of the Mūlamadhyamakakārikā? Debates on the Creation of a New Mahāyāna in Twentieth-century China PDF
Stefania Travagnin 251–272
The Gurudharmas in Taiwanese Buddhist Nunneries PDF
Ann Heirman , Tzu-Lung Chiu 273–300


Early Buddhist Transmission and Trade Networks: Mobility and Exchange within and beyond the Northwestern Borderlands of South Asia by Jason Neelis. Brill, 2011. xx+372pp., hb. €126.00/US$179.00. ISBN 13: 9789004181595. PDF
Douglas Osto 301–303
Sacred Sites of Burma: Myth and Folklore in an Evolving Spiritual Realm by Donald Stadtner. River Books. 348pp., hb. 482 colour illustrations, 12 maps and plans. US$35/£19.95. ISBN 13: 9789749863602. PDF
Sarah Shaw 304–307
Tibetan Rituals of Death: Buddhist Funerary Practices by Margaret Gouin. Routledge, 2010. 182pp., hb. £85.00/$145. ISBN-13: 9780415566360. PDF
Casey Kemp 308–309

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