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Vol 24, No 2 (2007)

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Table of Contents


Mindfulness of Breathing in the Saṃyukta-āgama PDF
Ven. Anālayo 137-150
The Dhāraṇīs of Mahāvyutpatti #748: Origin and Formation PDF
Ulrich Pagel 151-191
Writing Buddhist Histories from Landscape and Architecture: Sukhothai and Chiang Mai PDF
Anne M. Blackburn 192-225
The Bhikkhunī Ordination Debate: Global Aspirations, Local Concerns, with special emphasis on the views of the monastic community in Burma PDF
Hiroko Kawanami 226-244


The Self Possessed: Deity and Spirit Possession in South Asian Literature and Civilization, Frederick M. Smith (New York: Columbia University Press, 2006), 13 illus., pp. xxvii+701, $60.00/£35 (cloth), ISBN: 0-231-13748-6 PDF
Robert Mayer 245-247
Donors of Longmen: Faith, Politics, and Patronage in Medieval Chinese Buddhist Sculpture, Amy McNair (Honolulu, HI: University of Hawai’i Press, 2007), 230 pp., $52/£33.50, ISBN 0-8248-2994-8 PDF
John Kieschnick 247-250
Cambodian Buddhism: History and Practice , Ian Harris (Honolulu, HI: University of Hawai’i Press, 2005), 352pp, $62/£39.95, ISBN 0824827651 PDF
Ashley Thompson 250-256
Zen Classics: Formative Texts in the History of Zen Buddhism, eds Steven Heine & Dale S. Wright (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2006),viii + 283 pp, £14.99, ISBN 0-19-517525-5 PDF
John Kieschnick 256-257

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