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Vol 6, no 1-2 (2010)

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Table of Contents


Editor's Preface PDF
Walid A. Saleh 1-3


Holiness and Impurity in the Torah and the Quran: Differences within a Common Typology PDF
David M. Freidenreich 5-22
Scripture Wars: Contemporary Polemical Discourses of Bible Versus Quran on the Internet PDF
F. V. Greifenhagen 23-65
Christian Responses to Ahmad Khan's Commentary on the Bible PDF
Alan M. Guenther 67-100
"Turn in Repentance to your Creator, then Slay Yourselves": The Levitical Election, Atonement and Classical Islamic Exegesis PDF
Michael E. Pregill 101-150
Why Do the Nations Rage? Boundaries of Canon and Community in a Muslim’s Rewriting of Psalm 2 PDF
David R. Vishanoff 151-179
Researching "The Scripture of the Other": Niqula Ghabriyal's Researches of the Mujtahids and Rashid Rida's Rejoinder PDF
Simon A. Wood 181-216
Critical Approaches to the "Farewell Khutba" in Ibn Ishaq's Life of the Prophet PDF
Peter Matthews Wright 217-249

Review Articles

Review Article: Muḥammad is Not the Father of Any of Your Men: The Making of the Last Prophet, by David S. Powers. University of Pennsylvania Press, 2009. 376 pp., 7 illus. Hb $55.00/£36.00. ISBN-13: 9780812241785. PDF
Walid A. Saleh 251-264

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