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Vol 7, no 1-2 (2011)

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Table of Contents


East by Mid East: Studies in Cultural, Historical and Strategic Connectivities PDF
Anchi Hoh , Brannon Wheeler 1-11

Cultural and Historical Connections

The Muslim Appropriate of Confucian Thought in Eighteenth-Century China PDF
Sachiko Murata 13-22
Xinjiang as Portrayed in Qing’s Historical Gazetteers Housed at the Library of Congress PDF
Anchi Hoh 23-66
The Cosmopolitan Canopy of East Maritime Southeast Asia: Minority citizenship in the Phil-Indo Archipelago PDF
Bruce B. Lawrence 67-104

Transnational Allegiances and Local Culture in Asia

Cosmopolitan Muslim Intellectuals and the Mediation of Cultural Islam in Indonesia PDF
Carool Kersten 105-136
Emerging Islamic-Confucian Axis in the Virtual Ummah: Connectivity and Constraint in the Contemporary China PDF
Wai-Yip Ho 137-155
The Middle East and the Philippines: Transnational Linkages, Labor Migration and the Remaking of Philippine Islam PDF
Vivienne S.M. Angeles 157-181
Globalization, Modernity and Migration: The Changing Visage of Social Imagination PDF
Darlene Machell de Leon Espena 183-208
Shifting Paradigms: Solidarity Groups and the Muslim Secessionist Problem in the Philippines PDF
Sharon Advincula Caringal 209-236

Strategic Relations between Asia and the Middle East

An Emergent Trans-Asian Energy Nexus: Likely Costs and Possible Benefits PDF
Leanne Piggott 237-267
The United Arab Emirates and Japan: Diversifying Bilateral Relationships and Challenges in the Context of Japan’s New Foreign Policy Focus and US-Japan Relation PDF
Sumiyo Nishizaki 269-294
The Vicissitudes of Japan-Saudi Relations PDF
Michael Penn 295-311
Chasing the Rising Red Crescent: Sino-Shi’i Relations in Post-Cold War Era China PDF
Itamar Y. Lee 313-347
Transcending Multilateral Conflicts in Eurasia: Some Sustainable Peaceful Alternatives PDF
Mushtaq A. Kaw 349-381

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