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Vol 5, No 2 (2010)

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Table of Contents


Religionising Fieldwork and Fieldworking Religion: Hermeneutics of the engagement between religion and research methodologies in the field PDF
James Kapaló , Stefania Travagnin 133-143


Fieldwork and Pain: Issues in field research methodologies involving extreme field circumstances PDF
Tullio Lobetti 144-161
The Making of Representations of the Religious Adherent Engaged in Politics PDF
Anne Mette Fisker-Nielsen 162-179
“Wi, se kretyènn mwen ye” (Yes I am Christian). Methodological Falsehood in Fieldwork PDF
Nadège Mézié 180-192
Fieldworking’ Deliverance Rituals in a Liberian Pentecostal Ministry: The Surprising Benefits of Embracing your "Otherness" While Taking Part in Religious Performance PDF
Gwendolyn Heaner 193-206
Animated Texts: Theoretical Reflections on Case Studies from the Lowland, Christianized Philippines PDF
Paul François Tremlett 207-220
The Experience of Ethnographic Fieldwork in an English Benedictine Monastery: Or, Not Playing at Being a Monk PDF
Richard D. G. Irvine 221-235
Fieldwork on East Asian Buddhism: Toward a Person-Centered Approach PDF
Gareth Fisher 236-250

Review Article

Religion Today Series PDF
Peggy Morgan 251-253

Book Reviews

Review: Van Bruinessen, Martin, and Julia Day Howell eds. 2007. Sufism and the “Modern” in Islam. London: I. B. Tauris. 367 pp. IBSN 978 1 85043 854 0. £45.00. PDF
Ron Geaves 254-256
Review: Faure, Bernard. 2009. Unmasking Buddhism. Chichester, West Sussex: Wiley-Blackwell. vi + 159 p. ISBN 978 1 40518 065 8 (hbk), ISBN 978 1 40518 064 1 (pbk). £47.50 (hbk), £12.99 (pbk). PDF
Alice Collett 257-258
Review: Cusack, C. M. 2010. Invented Religions, Imagination Fiction and Faith. Aldershot: Ashgate. viii + 69 pp. ISBN 978 0 75466 780 3. £50.00. PDF
Beth Singler 259-260

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