Gender and Language, Vol 1, No 1 (2007)

Launching studies of Gender and Language in the early 21st Century

Bonnie McElhinny, Sara Mills
Issued Date: 25 Jan 2007


In this paper, we briefly consider the history of studies of gender and language, and the institutionalization of these studies. We review debates about whether or not a new journal is necessary, as part of a larger discussion of what the establishment of a journal does for a field of study. We review statistics looking at publication rates of articles on language and gender in 5 key sociolinguistic journals, and argue that these statistics, as well as a range of other arguments, suggest the need for a new journal. We review subjects and features which will be welcome in the journal, the audience for the journal, its relationship with the International Gender and Language Association, and the procedures we have used and will continue to use for the selection of editors and editorial board members. We consider the challenges posed by trying to develop a journal with an international range of contributors, and some of the strategies we propose for addressing those challenges.

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DOI: 10.1558/genl.2007.1.1.1


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