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Scottish Journal of Healthcare Chaplaincy Vol 6 (2) 2003

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Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
Ian Stirling 1-1


A question of identity: What does it mean for chaplains to become healthcare professionals? PDF
John Swinton 2-8
Standards and Competencies for Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy in Palliative Care PDF
David Mitchell 9-15
Chaplains Perceptions of Supervision PDF
Andrew Moore , Chris Levison 16-20
Conference Report: ‘Chaplaincy for Tomorrow’ PDF
Georgina Nelson 21-23
Holy Plot or Common Ground? A Humanist Reflects PDF
Ivan Middleton 24-26
Healthcare Chaplaincy in Bulgaria: Traditions and Problems PDF
Jordan Vuchkov 27-31
Ministry Behind a Mask: A Chaplain Reflects upon SARS PDF
Bruce Pierce 32-34
Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE): A Reflection PDF
Valerie Duff 35-38

Palliative Care

Dealling with Failure in Palliative Care PDF
Fiona Downs 39-43

Book Reviews

The Sacred Art of Listening Forty reflections for cultivating a spiritual practice. Lindahl K. ISBN 1-901557-65-0 Wild Goose Publications PDF
Dora Bennet 44-44
Primary Palliative Care – dying, death and bereavement in the community. Rodger Charlton. (ed) ISBN 1- 85775573 -1 Radcliffe Medical Press PDF
Elaine McManus 44-45
Speaking of Healing. Gower C. ISBN 0-281-05539-4 SPCK PDF
Stuart Coates 45-45
Problem Drinking: A Person-Centred Dialogue. Richard Bryant-Jefferies. ISBN 1-85775-929-X Radcliffe Medical Press PDF
Val Smith 45-46
Caring for the Dying at Home: Companions on the Journey. Thomas Keri. ISBN 1-85775-946-X Radcliffe Medical Press PDF
Bridget Johnston 46-46
Using Research in Primary Care: a workbook for health professionals. Alan Gillies. ISBN I-85775-936-2 Radcliffe Medical Press PDF
Bridget Johnston 47-47
Consent in Clinical Practice. Margaret Mayberry with. John Mayberry. ISBN 1-85775-804-8 Radcliffe Medical Press, 2003 PDF
Alison Cowie 47-47
Growing Up With God. Cooks N .ISBN 1-901557-74-X Wild Goose Publications PDF
David Mitchell 47-48

Orere Source

Orere Source PDF
W. Noel Brown 49-55

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