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Vol 9, No 1 (2018)

Special Issue: New Antiquities, part 2

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Table of Contents


Editorial: New Antiquities: Part 2 PDF
Almut-Barbara Renger , Dylan M. Burns 1-4


Reading History with the Essenes of Elmira PDF
Anne Kreps 5-31
The Jungian Gnosticism of the Ecclesia Gnostica PDF
Olav Hammer 33-56
The Impact of Scholarship on Contemporary “Gnosticism(s)”: A Case Study on the Apostolic Johannite Church and Jeremy Puma PDF
Matthew J. Dillon 57-81
Studying the “Gnostic Bible”: Samael Aun Weor and the Pistis Sophia PDF
Franz Winter 83-112
Binding Images: The Contemporary Use and Efficacy of Late Antique Ritual Sigils, Spirit-Beings, and Design Elements PDF
Jay Johnston 113-133
(Neo-)Bogomil Legends: The Gnosticizing Bogomils of the Twentieth-Century Balkans PDF
Dylan M. Burns , Nemanja Radulović 135-164

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