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Vol 8, No 1 (2005)

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Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
Edward Bailey 5-6


The Internal Morality of Medicine in the Contexts of Implicit Religion and Spirituality PDF
Antal E. Solyom 7-21
Nurse Lecturers’ Perception and Teaching of Spirituality PDF
Irena Papadopoulos , Gina Copp 22-39
Thinking Outside the Box: Religion and Spirituality in Social Work Education and Practice PDF
Bernard Moss 40-52
Engaging with the Religion of Those Who Do Not Attend Public Worship PDF
Philip Tyers 52-63
Implicit Religion in the Psychology of Religion: What the (Psychology) Papers Say PDF
Christopher Alan Lewis 64-78

Book Reviews

Review of Secularization: An Analysis at Three Levels by Karel Dobbelaere PDF
Meerten B. ter Borg 79
Review of How To Get Really Rich: A Sharp Look at the Religion of Greed by Brian Rosner PDF
Ian Munro 79-80
Review of Growing in the Image of God by Carol Rausch Albright PDF
Jeff Astley 80-81
Review of Predicting Religion: Christian, Secular and Alternative Futures Edited by Grace Davie, Paul Heelas and Linda Woodhead PDF
Dr. Peter Brierley 81-83
Review of The Sacred Santa: Religious Dimensions of Consumer Culture by Dell deChant PDF
Anne Richards 83-84
Review of Sin and Forgiveness—New Responses in a Changing World by Kay Carmichael PDF
Chris Sunderland 84-85
Review of Counting People In: Changing the Way We Think About Membership and the Church by Richard Thomas PDF
Philip Tyers 85-87
Reviews of A Christian Theology of Place by John Inge and Shopping Malls and Other Sacred Spaces: Putting God in Place by Jon Pahl PDF
John Badertscher 87-89
Reviews of The Faith of Fifty Million: Baseball, Religion and American Culture Edited byChristopher H. Evans and William R. Herzog II and Red, White, and Blue Letter Days: An American Calendar byMatthew Dennis PDF
John Badertscher 89-94

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