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Vol 8, No 3 (2005)

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Table of Contents


Editorial: Religion: Implicit and Inescapable? Reflection on the 28th Denton Conference on Implicit Religion, 6-8th May 2005 PDF
Colin Hill 213-216


Orpheus and the Underground: Raves and Implicit Religion -- From Interpretation to Critique PDF
François Gauthier 217-265
'O Come, All Ye Faithful...': Contemporary Sexuality, Transcendence and Implicit Religion PDF
Guy Ménard 266-280
Implicit Religion in Dreams PDF
James Gollnick 281-298

Book Reviews

Review of Catching Light; Looking for God in the Movies by Roy M. Anker PDF
Paul Nathanson 299-307
Review of Finding Faith at the Movies by Barbara Mraz PDF
Christopher Alan Lewis 308-309
Review of Is There a God of Human Rights? The Complex Relationship between Human Rights and Religion: A South African Case PDF
John Reader 309-311
Review of The Western Construction of Religion: Myths, Knowledge and Ideology by Daniel Dubuisson PDF
Donald Wiebe 312-314
Review of Public Faith? The State of Religious Belief and Practice in Britain edited by Paul Avis PDF
Peter Brierley 314-315
Review of The Scope and Limits fo Folk Psychology: A Socio-linguistic Approach by David E. Ohreen PDF
Alan Rogers 315-316
Review of The Invention of Religion edited by Derek Peterson and Darren Walhof PDF
David Scott 317-318
Review of The Psychology of Ultimate Concern by Robert A. Emmons PDF
Roger Grainger 319-321
Review of The Devil, the Saints and the Church: Reading Hochhuth's The Deputy by Emanuela Barasch-Rubinstein PDF
Christopher Lamb 321-323
Review of Response and Responsibilty: The World as a Challenge for the Church by Roger Grainger PDF
Claudia May 323-327
Review of Surrealism and the Sacred: Power, Eros and the Occult in Modern Art by Celia Rabinovitch PDF
Karen Parna 328-330
Review of Grassroots Spirituality: What it is, Why it is Here, Where it is Going by Robert K.C. Forman PDF
Karen Lord 331-332

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