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Vol 23, No 3 (2010)

New Virtual Frontiers: Religion and Spirituality in Cyberspace

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Special Issue: This issue was edited by Roxanne D. Marcotte

Table of Contents


The New Virtual Frontiers: Religion and Spirituality in Cyberspace PDF
Roxanne D. Marcotte 247-254


Japanese New Religions and the Internet: A Case Study PDF
Erica Baffelli 255-276
Online in the Evolution Wars: An Analysis of Young Earth Creationism Cyber-Propaganda PDF
Thomas Aechtner 277-300
A New Domain for Co-Workers of God: Accessing Khutbahs on the Internet PDF
Steven Fink 301-324
Om-line Hinduism: World Wide Gods on the Web PDF
Heinz Scheifinger 325-345
Online Christian Churches: Three Case Studies PDF
Tim Hutchings 346-369
New Virtual Frontiers: Religion and Spirituality in Cyberspace
Roxanne D. Marcotte

Book Reviews

Dave Evans and Dave Green (eds.), Ten Years of Triumph of the Moon: A Collection of Essays, Hidden Publishing, 2009, pp. 227, ISBN: 978-0-9555237-5-5. Review doi: 10.1558/arsr.v23i3.370. PDF
Carole Cusack 370
Luth Assyaukanie, Islam and the Secular State in Indonesia. Institute of Southeast Asian Studies Publishing, Singapore, 2009, pp. xviii + 262, ISBN: 978-230-889-4 (hbk); ISBN 978-230-890-0 (pdf). Review doi: 10.1558/arsr.v23i3.371. PDF
Roxanne D, Marcotte 371-372
Adam Possamai, Sociology of Religion for Generations X and Y. Equinox Publishing Ltd, London and Oakville, 2009, pp. x + 225, ISBN: 9781845533045 (hbk), 9781845533038 (pbk). Review doi: 10.1558/arsr.v23i3.373. PDF
Carole Cusack 373
Judith Butler, Giving an Account of Oneself. Fordham University Press, New York, 2005, pp. x + 149, ISBN: 0823225046 (hbk), ISBN 0823225038 (pbk). Review doi: 10.1558/arsr.v23i3. 374. PDF
Roland Boer 374-375
Paul Reid-Bowen, Goddess as Nature: Towards a Philosophical Thealogy. Ashgate, Hampshire, 2007, pp. viii + 200, ISBN: 9780754656272 (hbk). Review doi: 10.1558/ arsr.v23i3.376. PDF
Sarah Penicka-Smith 376-377
Shahram Akbarzadeh (ed.), Challenging Identities: Muslim Women in Australia, foreword by Hanifa Deen, Islamic Studies Series 5, Melbourne University Press, Melbourne, 2010, pp. vi + 196, ISBN: 9-780-522-857-153 (pbk), ISBN: 9-780-522-857- 160 (pdf). PDF
Roxanne D. Marcotte 378-380

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