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Vol 3, No 2 (2016)

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Table of Contents


Archaeologies of Forced and Undocumented Migration PDF
Yannis Hamilakis 121 - 139
The 1947 Partition of India and Pakistan: Migration, Material Landscapes, and the Making of Nations PDF
Erin Riggs , Zahida Rehman Jat 139 - 146
“We Palestinian Refugees” – Heritage Rites and/as the Clothing of Bare Life: Reconfiguring Paradox, Obligation, and Imperative in Palestinian Refugee Camps in Jordan PDF
Beverley Butler , Fatima Al-Nammari 147 - 159
Surveilling Surveillance: Countermapping Undocumented Migration in the USA-Mexico Borderlands PDF
Haeden Eli Stewart , Ian Ostereicher , Cameron Gokee , Jason De Leon 159 - 174
Place making in Non-places: Migrant Graffiti in Rural Highway Box Culverts PDF
Gabriella Soto 174 - 195
Lessons from the Bakken Oil Patch PDF
William Caraher , Bret Weber , Richard Rothaus 195 - 204
Empty Migrant Rooms: An Anthropology of Absence through the Camera Lens PDF
Eckehard Pistrick , Florian Bachmeier 205 - 215
If Place Remotely Matters: Camped in Greece’s Contingent Countryside PDF
Kostis Kourelis 215 - 227
Orange Life Jackets: Materiality and Narration in Lesvos, One Year after the Eruption of the “Refugee Crisis” PDF
George Tyrikos-Ergas 227 - 232
Interrupted Journeys: Drawings by Refugees at the Kara Tepe Camp, Lesvos, Greece PDF
Ángela María Arbeláez Arbeláez , Edward Mulholland 233 - 244
Abandoned Refugee Vehicles “In the Middle of Nowhere”: Reflections on the Global Refugee Crisis from the Northern Margins of Europe PDF
Oula Ilari Seitsonen , Vesa-Pekka Herva , Mika Kunnari 244 - 260
The Garden of Refugees PDF
Rui Gomes Coelho 261 - 270
Reframing the Lampedusa Cross: The British Museum’s Display of the Mediterranean Migrant Crisis PDF
Morgan Lynn Breene 270 - 278
What Anchors the Tu Do? PDF
Denis Byrne 279 - 285
“Heritage on Exile”: Reflecting on the Roles and Responsibilities of Heritage Organizations towards Those Affected by Forced Migration PDF
John Schofield 286 - 293

Extended Forum

The Materiality of the State of Exception: Components of the Experience of Deportation from the United States PDF
Agnieszka Radziwinowiczówna S1 - S7
Digging up sounds, images and words together in Athens: Conversations with Kurosh Dadgar (Hossein Shabani) and Saeid Ghasemi on refugee experiences and self-representation through art and heritage management PDF
Christina Thomopoulos , Kurosh Dadgar , Esra Dogan , Saeid Ghasemi , Baba Safar , Sophia Thomopoulos S8 - S24
A Poem by Saeid Ghasemi Untitled
Saeid Ghasemi

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