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Vol 1, No 1 (2014)

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Table of Contents

Editorial PDF
Rodney Harrison , Laurie Wilkie , Alfredo González-Ruibal , Cornelius Holtorf 1-6

Discussion Article

Imaging Modern Decay: The Aesthetics of Ruin Photography PDF
Þóra Pétursdóttir , Bjørnar Olsen 7-23


Multi-sensual Image and the Archaeological Gaze PDF
Tim Edensor 24-26
Imagining Ruin Images: The Aesthetics of Ruination PDF
Paul R. Mullins 27-29
Profane Archaeologies: Erotic Ruins and a Case for Pornography PDF
Angela Piccini 29-33
The Politics of (Ruin) Photography PDF
Anca M. Pusca 33-36
Ruin Photography as Archaeological Method: A Snapshot from Detroit PDF
Krysta Ryzewski 36-41
Archaeology's Aesthetics PDF
Michael Shanks 42-46


Returning to Ruin Photography PDF
Þóra Pétursdóttir , Bjørnar Olsen 47-56

Photo Essays

Sarnes Internat: Archaeological Aesthetics PDF
Bjørnar Olsen , Þóra Pétursdóttir 57-72


Archaeology of the Anthropocene PDF
Matt Edgeworth , Jeffrey Benjamin , Bruce Clarke , Zoe Crossland , Ewa Domanska , Alice Claire Gorman , Paul Graves-Brown , Edward Cecil Harris , Mark James Hudson , Jason M. Kelly , Victor Joaquin Paz , Melisa Anabella Salerno , Christopher Witmore , Andrés Zarankin 73-132
Matt Edgeworth 73-77
When was the Anthropocene? (And why?)
Paul Graves-Brown 77-81
Dark artifacts: Hyperobjects and the archaeology of the anthropocene
Mark James Hudson 82-86
The Anthropocene in the Solar System
Alice Claire Gorman 87-91
The Anthropocene and Transdisciplinarity
Jason Kelly 91-96
The New Age of the Anthropocene
Ewa Domanska 96-101
"The Anthropocene," or, Gaia Shrugs
Bruce Clarke 101-104
Archaeological Stratigraphy: A Paradigm for the Anthropocene
Edward Cecil Harris 105-109
Archaeology and Anthropocene Discourses
Victor Joaquin Paz 110-113
¿The “wild” continent? Some discussions on the Anthropocene in Antarctica
Andrés Zarankin , Melisa Anabella Salerno 114-118
The Industrial Sonifact and the Soundscape of the Anthropocene
Jeffrey Benjamin 119-123
Anthropocene: Locating Agency, Imagining the Future
Zoe Crossland 123-128
Archaeology, the Anthropocene, and the Hypanthropocene
Christopher Witmore 128-132

Research Article

Sites of Contention: Archaeological Classification and Political Discourse in the US-Mexico Borderlands PDF
Cameron Gokee , Jason De León 133-163
Cowboys and Bohemians: Recreation, Resistance, and the Tramping Movement in West Bohemia PDF
James Symonds , Pavel Vařeka 165-193

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Nekopejte do nás, ještě nejsme mrtví / Don't dig into us We are not dead yet (2011).
Monika Hertlová , Thomas Hirt , Lenka Hollerová

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