Call for papers for submission of Filedrawer reports

With the publication of volume 6, the Journal for the Cognitive Science of Religion welcomes submissions of short “filedrawer” reports (maximum of 2,500 words). In the interests of increased transparency and of drawing attention to previous study designs that other researchers can improve upon, the JCSR encourages authors to submit their “filedrawer” manuscripts as short reports of a methodological nature. By this is meant unpublished findings, null-findings, research designs that did not work out as expected, research projects that were not completed to publication, etc. The reports should describe the studies conducted, and/or online available complete study designs, and should include a table of summary statistics, supplemented by links to preregistration materials and/or publicly available data. To ensure credibility, the peer review process for these reports will follow JCSR protocols, but would also include an evaluation of whether all details are described in the report, with suggestions for future improvements.

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