Vol 1, No 1 (2013)

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Table of Contents


Announcing the Journal for the Cognitive Science of Religion PDF
Dimitris Xygalatas , Ryan McKay 1-4


Cognitive Science of Religion: State-of-the-Art PDF ePub
Ilkka Pyysiäinen 5-28 ONLINE EARLY
Healing Those Who Need Healing: How Religious Practice Interacts with Personality to Affect Social Belonging PDF
Chris G. Sibley , Joseph Bulbulia 29-45 ONLINE EARLY
Normative Cognition in Culture and Religion PDF
Jeppe Sinding Jensen 47-70
Hierarchical Organization of Segmentation in Non-Functional Action Sequences PDF
Kristoffer Laigaard Nielbo , Uffe Schjoedt , Jesper Sørensen 71-97

Research Report

Toward a Cognitive Ecology of Religious Concepts: Evidence from the Tyva Republic PDF
Benjamin Grant PurzyckI 99-120

Book Reviews

Supernatural Agents: Why We Believe in Souls, Gods and Buddhas, by Illka Pyysiäinen. Oxford University Press, 2009. 298pp., 1 black and white halftone illustration. Hb. £40.00. ISBN-13: 9780195380026. PDF
Claire White 121-123
The Belief Instinct: The Psychology of Souls, Destiny, and the Meaning of Life, by Jesse Bering. W. W. Norton and Company. 2011. 252pp. Hb. 26.95. ISBN- 13: 9780393072990; Pb. $16.95. ISBN-13: 9780393341263. PDF
Panagiotis Mitkidis 124-126
Cognitive Science, Religion, and Theology, by Justin L. Barrett. Templeton Press, 2011. 248pp. Pb. $19.95. ISBN-13: 9781599473819. PDF
Hillary Lenfesty 127-128
Religious Narrative, Cognition and Culture – Image and Word in the Mind of Narrative, by Armin W. Geertz and Jeppe Sinding Jensen. Acumen Publishing, 2011. 349pp. Pb £24.99. ISBN-13: 9781845532956. PDF
Jakub Cigán 129-132
Why Religion is Natural and Science Is Not, by Robert N. McCauley. Oxford University Press, 2011. 335pp. Hb. $29.95. ISBN-13: 9780199827268. PDF
Ilkka Eljas Pyysiainen 133-136

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