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Vol 5, No 1-2 (2018)

Table of Contents


Preliminaries PDF
Stefan Th. Gries , Pascual Cantos-Gómez 1-3


Exploring Meta-analysis for Historical Corpus Linguistics Based on Linked Data PDF
Joonas Kesäniemi , Turo Vartiainen , Tanja Säily , Terttu Nevalainen 4-47
The Effect of Noun Phrase Grammar on the Affective Meaning of Social Identity Concepts PDF
Daniel B. Shank , Sarah E. Hercula , Brent Curdy 48-77
The Discriminatory Power of Lexical Context for Alternations: An Information-theoretic Exploration PDF
Stefan Th. Gries 78-106
Adjusting Regression Models for Overfitting in Second Language Research PDF
Phillip Hamrick 107-122
A Case Study on Some Frequent Concepts in Works of Poetry PDF
Michael Thomas Pace-Sigge 123-152
How to Set Delta in the Two-One-Sided T-tests Procedure (TOST) PDF
Tom S. Juzek , Johannes Kizach 153-169
Analysis of the Production of Pronominal Constructions in Spanish in a Learner Corpus PDF
Ana Fernández-Montraveta , Glòria Vázquez 170-188
Analyzing Processing Time Data in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Research: A Multivariate Mixed-effects Approach PDF
Bronson Hui 189-207

Book Reviews

William J. Boone, John R. Staver and Melissa S. Yale. Rasch Analysis in the Human Sciences PDF
Chao Han 208-211
Eckert, P. Meaning and Linguistic Variation: The Third Wave in Sociolinguistics PDF
Mayowa Akinlotan 212-218

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