Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture, Ecotheology 9.2 August 2004

We Have Never Been Gods: Transcendence, Contingency and the Affirmation of Hybridity

Peter Manley Scott
Issued Date: 22 Feb 2007


This article offers a theological response to the postmodern affirmation of
hybridity, that is, the ‘mixing up’ of nature and humanity by technology.
Drawing on the doctrine of creation, specifically the interpretation of creation
as creatio ex nihilo, it argues that Christianity—contrary to either its
instinctual aversion to or learned fascination with technology—should
accept the reality of hybridity. Furthermore, it is argued that the concept of
imago dei can be extended to encompass such hybridity. Refusing Elaine
Graham’s turn to immanence in her recent work (Graham 2002), the theme
of creatio ex nihilo is further explored by reference to transcendence and
contingency. The article concludes that transcendence and contingency
offer a theological context for the consideration of hybridity. This context is
practical: concerned primarily with the distribution of God’s goodness
through hybridity and hybrid practices, and with human participation in
that distribution.

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DOI: 10.1558/ecot.


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