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Ecotheology Issue 5/6 January 1999

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Table of Contents


Ecology and Ecumenism in Europe: A Way Forward
Donald Bruce , David Pickering
A Response: Needing Inspiration from Many Sources
Elisabeth Gerle
The World as the Body of God: Feminist Perspectives on Ecology and Social Justice PDF
Gabriele Dietrich
Bio-dynamic Farming and the Rise of Catholic Environmentalism, 1930-60
Jeffrey D. Marlett
Reflections on Air Travel and Transport
John W. Rogerson
Feminist or Functional Cosmology? Ecofeminist Musings on Thomas Berry's Functional Cosmology
Heather Eaton
Resolving the Third World Debt Crisis: A Crucial Challenge for Ecojustice
Sean McDonagh
Key Ecojustice Principles: A Theologia Crucis Perspective
Norman C. Habel
Theological Foundations for Ecological Praxis
Denis Edwards
Theological Postcards from the Ecological Edge
Clive Pearson
Ecojustice Principles: Challenges for the Evangelical Perspective
Ross Langmead
Eschatological Hope and Ecological Justice
Ian Barns
Inequality, Ecojustice and Ecological Rationality
Val Plumwood
A Shared Garden (II): Cross-Cultural Challenges to Ecofeminist Work in Religion PDF
Mary E. Hunt
Gandhi's Spirituality in Today's Ecological Crisis
Simon Mason

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