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Ecotheology 8.2 December 2003

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Table of Contents


Celia Deane-Drummond 133-136


Thinking Through Earth in Langland's Piers Plowman and the Harley Lyric 'Erthe toc of erthe'
Gillian Rudd 137-149
The Construction of Death among Gay Men Living with HIV/AIDS
David Sollis 150-160
The Critique of Ideology in the Book of Revelation and its Implications for Ecology
David J. Hawkin 161-172
Wisdom, Justice and Environmental Decision-Making in a Biotechnological Age
Celia Deane-Drummond 173-192
Use, Preserve, Enable? A Moral Basis for Environmental Management Decisions and its Consequences
Barry J. Richardson 193-205
Environmentalism in the Construction of Indigeneity
Graham Harvey 206-223
Eco-Anarchism and Liberal Reformism
Simon Hailwood 224-241
Lifestyle Desert Wanderings 2003
Mary Grey 242-248

Book Reviews

Review of 'Evolution as Religion: Strange Hopes and Stranger Fears' by Mary Midgley
Seth Crook 249-251
Review of 'Urban Ecotheology' by Seppo Kjellberg
Robert Pope 251-252
Review of 'Daughters of the Goddess: Studies of Healing, Identity and Empowerment' edited by Wendy Griffin
Hannah E. Sanders 252-254
Review of 'Loving Nature: Towards an Ecology of Emotion' by Kay Milton
Sylvie Shaw 254-256

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