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Ecotheology 10.2 August 2005

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Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
Celia Deane-Drummond 141-146


An Overview of Teilhard's Commitment to 'Seeing' as Expressed in his Phenomenology, Metaphysics and Mysticism PDF
John A. Grim , Mary Evelyn Tucker 147-164
Cosmic Communion: A Contemporary Reflection on the Eucharistic Vision of Teilhard de Chardin PDF
Mary Grey 165-180
The Exploitation of Nature and Teilhard's Ecotheology of Love PDF
Robert Faricy 181-195
Teilhard de Chardin's Engagement with the Relationship between Science and Theology in Light of Discussions about Environmental Ethics PDF
Ludovico Galleni , Francesco Scalfari 196-214
Sophia, Mary and the Eternal Feminine in Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Sergei Bulgakov PDF
Celia Deane-Drummond 215-231
Our Environmental Responsibilities in Light of Contemporary Cosmology: A Teilhardian Retrospect PDF
Richard W. Kropf 232-249

Review Essay

Review Article on 'How to be a Green Liberal' by Simon Hailwood PDF
Jacaranda Turvey 250-253

Book Reviews

Review of 'Ecological Utopias: Envisioning the Sustainable Society' by Marius de Geus PDF
Peter Cox 254-258
Review of 'God in Context: A Survey of Contextual Theology' by Sigurd Bergmann PDF
Robert Pope 258-260
Review of 'Ekofeminism i teologin -- genusuppfattning, natursyn och gudsuppfattning hos Anne Primavesi, Catherine Keller och Carol Christ' by Maria Jansdotter PDF
David Kronlid 260-262
Review of 'Readings in Indigenous Religions' edited by Graham Harvey PDF
Fiona Bowie 262-263
Review of 'Sacred Longings: Ecofeminist Theology and Globalization' by Mary Grey PDF
Heather Eaton 263-265
Review of 'Ecofeminism and Globalisation: Exploring Culture, Context and Religion' edited by Heather Eaton and Lois Ann Lorentzen PDF
Celia Deane-Drummond 265-267
Review of 'This Sacred Earth: Religion, Nature, Environment' edited by Roger Gottlieb PDF
Christopher Partridge 268-269
Review of 'Environment, Knowledge and Gender: Local Development in India's Jharkland' by Sarah Jewitt PDF
Mary Grey 269-270
Review of 'Politics of Nature: How to Bring the Sciences into Democracy' by Bruno Latour PDF
R.P. Whaite 271-272

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