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Vol 1, No 2 (2007): Astrology, Religion and Nature

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Table of Contents


Introduction PDF
Bron Taylor , Michael York 145-156


Nature is Not What it Used to Be... New Cosmological Orders in Contemporary, Western Astrology PDF
Kirstine Munk 157-171
Astrology as Religion: Theory and Practice PDF
Lilan Laishley 172-188
New Testament Astral Portents: God's Self-Disclosure in the Heavens PDF
Michael T. Cooper 189-209
Gounding the Stars: Towards an Ecological Astrology PDF
Patrick Curry 210-219
The Hero's Journey: The Search for Identity from a Psychological, Mythological, and Astrological Perspective PDF
Silvia Pannone 220-236
Astrology in England in the Twenty-First Century PDF
Bernard Eccles 237-258
Postscript: The Rise and Fall of the Sophia Centre PDF
Michael York 259-263

Book Reviews

Review of The Heavens Declare: Astrological Ages and the Evolution of Consciousness by Alice O. Howell, The Return of Merlin: Star Lore and the Patterns of History by Gordon Strachan and Praga Mysteriosa by Milan Spurek PDF
Anthony Thorley 264-266
Review of Ecological Ethics: A Critical Introduction by Patrick Curry PDF
Steve Judd 266-267
Review of Astrology: A Place in Chaos by Bernadette Brady PDF
Michael York 267-269

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