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Vol 3, No 3 (2009)

With a "Forum on 'Theology' and Scholarly Inquiry

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Table of Contents


Editorial Introduction PDF
Robin Globus 301-302


Evolutionary Advantages of Intense Spiritual Experience in Nature PDF
Terry Louise Terhaar 303-339
The Political Theology of Modern Scottish Land Reform PDF
Rutger Henneman , Alastair McIntosh 340-375

SPECIAL ISSUE With a "Forum on 'Theology' and Scholarly Inquiry

The Crazy Uncle in the Attic: A Response to Bron Taylor’s Essay ‘Exploring Religion, Nature and Culture—Introducing the Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture PDF
Mark I. Wallace 376-381
The Queen of the Sciences Speaks, Softly PDF
Gustavo Benavides 382-385
Response to Wallace PDF
Michael York 386-391
Theologies and Scholars PDF
Kocku von Stuckrad 392-397
The Uncle is Still Crazy, but Now Out of the Attic? A Response to My Critics PDF
Mark I. Wallace 398-403
Theologians and the Asylum PDF
Bron Taylor 404-409

Review Essay

Review Essay PDF
Shane McCorristine 410-430

Book Reviews

When Earth reads The Green Bible (New York: HarperOne, 2008), pp. 1440, $29.95 (pbk), ISBN: 978-0-061-62799-6. Review doi: 10.1558/jsrnc.v3i3.421 PDF
Norman Habel 421-422
K.D. Moore, K. Peters, T. Jojolo, and A. Lacy (eds.), How It Is: The Native American Philosophy of V.F. Cordova (Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 2007), pp. 208, $19.99 (pbk), ISBN: 978-0-816-52649-9. Review doi: 10.1558/jsrnc.v3i3.423 PDF
Jace Weaver 423-424
Rane Willerslev, Soul Hunters: Hunting, Animism, and Personhood among the Siberian Yukaghirs (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2007), pp. 229, $24.95 (pbk), ISBN: 978-0-520-25217-2. Review doi: 10.1558/jsrnc.v3i3.425 PDF
Michael Van Patrick Lemons 425-427
Ellen F. Davis, Scripture, Culture, and Agriculture: An Agrarian Reading of the Bible (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009), pp. 234,$23.99 (pbk), ISBN: 978-0-521-73223-9. Review doi: 10.1558/jsrnc.v3i3.428 PDF
Anna L. Peterson 428-430

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