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Vivien Goldman, Revenge of the She-Punks: A Feminist Music History from Poly Styrene to Pussy Riot. PDF
Judit Csobod
Giacomo Bottà, Deindustrialisation and Popular Music: Punk and ‘Post-Punk’ in Manchester, Düsseldorf, Torino and Tampere. PDF
Melanie Schiller
Alain-Philippe Durand, ed., Hip-Hop en Français: An Exploration of Hip-hop Culture in the Francophone World. PDF
James G. McNally
Emily Abrams Ansari, The Sound of a Superpower: Musical Americanism and the Cold War. PDF
Asya Draganova
Kirkland Fulk, ed., Sounds German: Popular Music in Postwar Germany at the Crossroads of the National and Transnational. PDF
Wolf-Georg Zaddach
Kimberly Kattari, Psychobilly: Subcultural Survival. PDF
Louise Barrière
Karen Tongson, Why Karen Carpenter Matters. PDF
Jenny Cubin

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