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Vol 13, No 1 (2011)

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Table of Contents


Response to Dominique Beth Wilson PDF
Michael York 5-16
The Birth of Counterjihadist Terrorism: Reflections on some Unspoken Dimensions of 22/7 PDF
Egil Asprem 17-32
Pagan Saxon Resistance to Charlemagne’s Mission: ‘Indigenous’ Religion and ‘World’ Religion in the Early Middle Ages PDF
Carole Cusack 33-51
Contemporary Paganism, Utopian Reading Communities, and Sacred Nonmonogamy: The Religious Impact of Heinlein's and Starhawk’s Fiction PDF
Christine Hoff Kraemer 52-76
John Michell, Radical Traditionalism and the Emerging Politics of the Pagan New Right PDF
Amy Hale 77-97

Opinion Piece

Researching the Past is a Foreign Country: Cognitive Dissonance as a Response by Practitioner Pagans to Academic Research on the History of Pagan Religions PDF
Caroline Jane Tully 98-105

Book Reviews

Book Review: Kerriann Godwin, ed., The Museum of Witchcraft: A Magical History (Boscastle, Cornwall: The Occult Art Company, 2011), 142 pp., £34.00 (hardcover). PDF
Ethan Doyle White 106-108
Book Review: Lee Gilmore, Theater in a Crowded Fire: Ritual and Spirituality at Burning Man (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2010), 238 pp., (+ dvd) $24.95 (paperback). PDF
Jason Lawton Winslade 109-112

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