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Vol 17, No 1-2 (2015)

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Table of Contents


A Double Issue of The Pomegranate: The First Decades of Contemporary Pagan Studies PDF HTML
Chas S. Clifton 5-13


The Divine Feminine in the Silver Age of Russian Culture and Beyond: Vladimir Soloviev, Vasily Rozanov and Dmitry Merezhkovsky PDF HTML
Dmitry Galtsin 14-50
Elements of Magic, Esotericism, and Religion in Shaktism and Tantrism in Light of the Shakti Pitha Kāmākhyā PDF HTML
Archana Barua 51-70

Special Section - Paths into Pagan Studies: Autobiographical Reflections

The Pagan Studies Archipelago: Pagan Studies in a Cosmopolitan World. PDF
Douglas Ezzy 72-80
The Old Pomegranate and the New PDF
Fritz Muntean 81-85
Walking Widdershins PDF
Wendy Griffin 86-98
Playing Croquet with Hedgehogs: (Still) Becoming a Scholar of Paganism and Animism PDF
Graham Harvey 99-114
Navigating Academia and Spirituality from a Pagan Perspective PDF
Michael York 115-127
An Outsider Inside: Becoming a Scholar of Contemporary Paganism PDF
Helen A. Berger 128-140
The Owl, the Dragon and the Magician: Reflections on Being an Anthropologist Studying Magic PDF
Susan Greenwood 141-154
The Academy, the Otherworld and Between PDF
Kathryn Rountree 155-169
Making the Strange Familiar PDF
Sarah M. Pike 170-179
Reflecting on Studying Wicca from within the Academy and the Craft: An Autobiographical Perspective PDF
Melissa Harrington 180-193
Pagan(ish) Senses and Sensibilities PDF
Adrian Ivakhiv 194-205

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