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Vol 21, No 1 (2019)

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Table of Contents


Fallen Soldiers and the Gods: Religious Considerations in the Retrieval and Burial of the War Dead in Classical Greece PDF
Sarah L. Veale 5-25
Attitudes Towards Potential Harmful Magical Practices in Contemporary Paganism - A Survey PDF
Bethan Juliet Oake 26-52
Spiritual Pizzica: A Southern Italian Perspective on Contemporary Paganism PDF
Giovanna Parmigiani 53-75
The Ethics of Pagan Ritual PDF
Douglas Ezzy 76-99
“The Most Powerful Portal in Zion” - Kursi: The Spiritual Site that Became an Intersection of Ley-lines and Multicultural Discourses PDF
Marianna Ruah-Midbar Shapiro , Adi Sasson 100-127

Book Reviews

Stephen Edred Flowers, The Northern Dawn: A History of the Reawakening of the Germanic Spirit. Vol. 1, From the Twilight of the Gods to the Sun at Midnight PDF
Jefferson F. Calico 128-130
Liselotte Frisk, Sanja Nilsson, and Peter Åkerbäck, Children in Minority Religions: Growing Up in Controversial Religious Groups PDF
Carole M. Cusack 131-134
Ronald Hutton, The Witch: A History of Fear, from Ancient Times to the Present PDF
Chas S. Clifton 135-136

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