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Vol 9, No 2-3 (2013)

Special Issue: Miniature Iconic Books

Guest Editors: Kristina Myrvold and Dorina Miller Parmenter

Table of Contents


Religious Miniature Books: Introduction and Overview PDF
Kristina Myrvold , Dorina Miller Parmenter 93-103


Ritualizing the Size of Books PDF
James W. Watts 104-113
On the Functions of Miniaturizing Books in Jewish Religion PDF
Marianne Schleicher 114-138
Words in a Nutshell: Miniaturizing Texts in Early Modern England PDF
Lucy Razzall 139-149
Small Things of Greatest Consequence: Miniature Bibles in America PDF
Dorina Miller Parmenter 150-168
Mite Qur’ans for Indian Markets: David Bryce in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century PDF
Kristina Myrvold 169-193
Miniature Qur’ans in the First World War: Religious Comforts for Indian Muslim Soldiers PDF
Kristina Myrvold , Andreas Johansson 194-221
Size Matters! Miniature Mushafs and the Landscape of Affordances PDF
Jonas Svensson 222-242
Gitamahatmya! Paratexts in Miniature Bhagavad Gitas with Special Reference to Pictures and Gender PDF
Jon Skarpeid 243-268
Sutras Working in Buddha’s Belly and Buddhists’ Pockets: Miniature Sutras in Korean Buddhism PDF
Yohan Yoo , Woncheol Yun 269-284

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