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汉语分析的系统功能模式 A Systemic Functional Framework for Chinese Analysis PDF
Yang Yanning 杨延宁 109-157
从“知识-认知-元认知”理论 看生词英译对华语知识学习的监控作用 ——新加坡华文B课程学生英语监控意识问卷调查 The Effects of First Language in the Learning of Target Language Knowledge: A Survey on the First Language Monitoring Awareness of Singapore B-Chinese Students PDF
Aw Guat Poh 胡月宝 韩月芳 158-173
试析现代汉语指示代词所修饰名词短语的数量表达系统 Number System of the Noun Phrases Modified by Demonstrative Pronouns in Mandarin Chinese PDF
Liu Yu 刘宇 174-185
探讨国际化背景下CSL/CFL的课堂教学 策略再分类及其设计与实施 On the Reclassification and Implementation of Strategies for Teaching CSL/CFL in the Context of Globalization PDF
Peijian Sun , Lawrence (Jun) Zhang 186-204
汉语二语教学中词语搭配输入教学设计 The Mode of Collocation Input for Teaching Chinese as the Second Language PDF
Xinling Zhou 周新玲 205-224

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