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Vol 16, No 1-2 (2015)

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Table of Contents


Introduction HTML PDF
Shelley Brunt , Oli Wilson 5-7


Mutiny Music: A Sonic Passage Between Islands HTML PDF
Joseph Cummins 9-28
Chamorro country songs: Cross-Cultural translation in post-World War II Chamorro music HTML PDF
Michael Richard Clement Jr. 29-49
Tracing the lines of an electronic tattoo: The covert operation of Melbourne techno HTML PDF
Botond Vitos 51-70
Liner notes: An exploration of local print music journalism in Perth’s indie pop/rock music industry HTML PDF
Christina Ballico 71-86


An interview with King Kapisi, Awanui Reeder and Ryan Monga: Riffing on Pacific festivals and the notion of 'Pacific music’ HTML PDF
Jared Mackley-Crump 87-99
An interview with Rev. Dennis Kamakahi: “Ka Manu” and conversations with the past HTML PDF
Joseph Keola Donaghy 101-119
An interview with Rebekah Duke: Melbourne’s inner-northern live music venues and social scenes HTML PDF
Samuel Charles Whiting 121-131


Gelly, Dave. 2014. An Unholy Row: Jazz in Britain and its Audience 1945–1960. Sheffield: Equinox. ISBN 978-1-84553-712-8 (hbk). 167 pp HTML PDF
Aleisha Ward 133-134
Stahl, Matt. 2013. Unfree Masters: Recording Artists and the Politics of Work. Durham, NC and London: Duke University Press. ISBN 978-0-82235-343-0 (pbk). 296 pp. HTML PDF
Natalie Lewandowski 135-137
Kotarba, Joe, Bryce Merrill, J. Patrick Williams and Phillip Vannini. 2013. Understanding Society through Popular Music. 2nd ed. New York: Routledge. ISBN 978- 0415-64194-4 (hbk), ISBN 978-0415-64195-1 (pbk). 206 pp. HTML PDF
Sarah Elizabeth Raine 138-140
Allen, Tony, with Michael Veal. 2013. Tony Allen: An Autobiography of the Master Drummer of Afrobeat. Durham, NC and London: Duke University Press. ISBN 978- 0-8223-5577-9 (pbk). 199 pp HTML PDF
Kent Anthony Windress 141-143
Bennett, Andy, and Steve Waksman, eds. 2015. The SAGE Handbook of Popular Music. London: SAGE. ISBN 978-1-4462-1085-7 (hbk). 647 pp HTML PDF
Åse Ottosson 144-147
Elliott, Richard. 2013. Nina Simone. Icons of Pop Music series. Sheffield: Equinox Publishing. ISBN 978-184553-988-7 (pbk). 168 pp HTML PDF
Diane Hughes 148-149
Music review: In a State of Flux: An Experimental Music Gallery, 18 September 2015. Creators: Chris Tonkin and Ashley Smith, with the UWA Young Artists HTML PDF
Patricia Alessi 150-152

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